Brownie with a White Chocolate Raspberry Orb

20 06 2011

While the White Chocolate Raspberry Orb turned out delicious, it was not my intended flavor for today’s experiment. Originally I planned on a warm, moist brownie topped with a Bailey’s Orb…. sounds fab right? However, this experiment turned into one of those mal-tasting mishaps I warned may happen. I dissolved Calcium Lactate into a glass of Bailey’s and within seconds the liquid coagulated into a rather unpleasant substance.  Not so appetizing!

Conclusion: Sodium Alginate and Cream-based Liqueurs don’t mix…. yet. What a girl can’t have, they want even more.  I’m sure with a little more experimenting I’ll have my Bailey Orbs yet!

In the meantime on to plan B.

Enter raspberry preserves and white chocolate syrup.


This recipe isn’t for the brownie, but for the delicate white chocolate raspberry orb that sits atop the brownie, ready to be popped and spill its delicious liquid center down over the edges of this chocolaty dessert. Ready your forks…



1 packet Sodium Alginate

1/2 cup cream

1 Tbsp raspberry preserves

2 Tbsp white chocolate syrup

1/2 tsp Calcium Lactate


Add 1 packet of Sodium Alginate to 2 cups of water and mix with hand held blender. Set aside for 15 minutes.*NOTE: Use a flat bottomed dish so that the orbs won’t touch at the bottom.*

In a separate bowl combine 1/2 cup cream with 1 Tbsp raspberry preserves and 2 Tbsp white chocolate syrup. Stir in 1/2 tsp of Calcium Lactate until dissolved.

With a deep spoon (measuring spoons should work fine) slowing ladle a spoonful of mixture into Sodium Alginate bath. Submerge the spoon slowly for a couple seconds before you tip the white chocolate mixture into the bath.   Let sit for 3-4 minutes.

With a bored spoon remove the orbs and drop in to a flat-bottomed dish full of water for 10-20 seconds. This is called the rinsing bath.  Remove and plate!