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7 11 2013

Hi Friends!!!

Hope you all are having a wonderful Autumn!

I’m moving my food blog over to a new and improved website:  ( … why yes, it is a play on words!) and I would love it if you all would join me over there! I have a bunch of new recipes/experiments I’ll be posting in the next few days; whip cakes, frozen chocolate air, Christmas in a jar, smoked deliciousness and more 🙂



MoleculaR me!

2 02 2011

With the arrival of the long awaited molecular gastronomy starter kit, I couldn’t wait to begin experimenting… however I soon realized I was missing a key tool. The handheld blender; inexpensive yet necessary.

The kit did provide the remaining tools specific to molecular cooking:

  • Food grade syringe
  • Silicone tubes
  • Pipettes
  • Slotted spoon or “bored” spoon
  • Set of measuring spoons
  • And a DVD of 50 stupefying recipe/cooking videos.

So with the handheld blender on my shopping list, I settled in to watch a few of the recipe videos. Two hours later… a few had turned into all 50. I knew molecular gastronomy was fascinating, but these videos literally blew my mind.

The molecular egg? How ridiculously clever!

Chocolate spaghetti encircling a fresh strawberry? Valentine’s Day better watch out!

Rum sheets? Oh. My. Yum.

(See a few videos for yourself

Rum Sheets… Rum Sheets!! 🙂   Like a pirate awaiting a booty raid, I scoured my expansive alcohol cabinet, raiding it of its best goods, and all the while forming intoxicating ideas; Baileys beads, Goldschlager orbs, Ciroc caviar, rum raviolis, Rumplemintz spaghetti, margarita mousse, Cognac spheres, Godiva liqueur clouds , and Frambois foam, oh my!

Surely you see a theme to be. 🙂

Like a child before Christmas I eagerly anticipated the next evening as visions of raspberry raviolis danced in my head.

Oh, to actually begin.


Molecule-R Starter Kit ($60)

  • 10 sachets / net 20g – Agar-agar
  • 10 sachets / net 50g – Calcium salts
  • 10 sachets / net 20g – Sodium alginate
  • 10 sachets / net 20g – Soy Lecithin
  • 10 sachets / net 10g – Xanthan Gum

Hello world!

5 10 2010

I love good food, who doesn’t? Millions of people make “good food” on a daily basis. Thousands of people have published cookbooks filled with  “good food”, but good food gets boring… dull, dreary, mind-numbing, tiresome, lackluster, unexciting, uninteresting, dry, monotonous, lifeless, routine, tame, uninspiring, bland, mild, ordinary, weak,  insipid, trite, characterless…

Once I began to see chefs playing with chemical compounds that alter, manipulate and recreate the very form and texture of an ingredient, I was enthralled. It seemed amazing that someone could manipulate a tomato to create a “caviar” that looked like the real thing, only to explode like a burst of vine-ripe cherry tomatoes in your mouth. Or a ruby red grapefruit martini that could be used as a mousse-like cupcake frosting. The options endless, I found my mind bubbling over with ideas, like a Lecithin manipulated liquid.

And so I begin my expedition into the realm of Molecular Gastronomy. I’m sure there will be many failed attempts, and mal tasting mishaps, but should victories solidify as if infused by Sodium Alginate, I’ll most certainly be sharing my successes within the infinite blogosphere. So stand by troops as I attempt to break the mold.