I love good food, who doesn’t? Millions of people make “good food” on a daily basis. Thousands of people have published cookbooks filled with  “good food”… but good food gets boring… dull, dreary, mind-numbing, tiresome, lackluster, unexciting, uninteresting, dry, monotonous, lifeless, routine, tame, uninspiring, bland, mild, ordinary, weak,  insipid, trite, characterless…

And then along came Molecular Gastronomy, or Modernist Cuisine if you prefer.

Once I began to see chefs playing with chemical compounds that alter, manipulate and recreate the very form and texture of an ingredient, I was enthralled. It seemed amazing that someone could manipulate a tomato to create a “caviar” that looked like the real thing, only to explode like a burst of vine-ripe cherry tomatoes in your mouth. Or a ruby red grapefruit martini that could be used as a mousse-like cupcake frosting. The options endless, I found my mind bubbling over with ideas, like a Lecithin manipulated liquid.

And so I begin my expedition into the realm of Molecular Gastronomy. I’m sure there will be many failed attempts, and mal tasting mishaps, but should victories solidify as if infused by Sodium Alginate, I’ll most certainly be sharing my successes within the infinite blogosphere. So stand by troops as I attempt to break the mold.


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24 07 2011
Paul Heinrichs

This sounds amazing! Almost like alchemy, from what you described. You might be on track of a new food meme like Donairs, Sushi and Bubble Tea for example did here in Canada the last few decades. And that nutella banana whip looks so delicous. When I get my kitchen back Im definitely going to try this out. Have you ever tried using lime with anything? Or maybe make a mojito in dessert form.

29 07 2011
Brianne Michelle

Hi Paul,
Thanks!! And mojito whip sounds delicious! I’ve been meaning to make a margarita mousse so I’m right there with you on those desserts! 🙂
I’ve been playing around with making some key lime powders (haven’t posted yet) with roasting dried key lime peels, then blending with superfine sugar and a couple macadamia nuts. Powder is good, but I have yet to finish this experiment… trying to decide if simply coating fish in this powder would be good or if I should go big and try something more wacky… or both!

24 07 2011

Wow, this sounds really neat. I remember reading an article about this in Popular Mechanics a few years ago and I remember the isi whip and gastrovac being mentioned among other interesting tools. I look forward to reading more about you experiments. 😀

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