Watermelon & Cucumber Salad with Instant Basil Infusion

1 07 2011

So after the Bacon Whiskey success, I was left thinking about what other kinds of Nitrogen infusions I wanted to experiment with. Liquid has only been used in these instant infusions as the base so far, but that limits recipes and so I found myself experimenting with fruits with a high water content. If it’s the liquid that absorbs the flavors than a watermelon which has a very high water content should be able to soak in those flavors as well, right?   Right!  🙂 success 🙂

So bringing back out the Nitrogen Cavitation,  as introduced in Bacon Whiskey, I instantly infused watermelon balls and cucumbers with basil.


1 Persian cucumber, sliced thinly

1 small seedless watermelon, balled

10 basil leaves

1 Nitrogen charger

ISI Whip


Put 10 watermelon balls, sliced cucumber, and basil leaves into ISI Whip canister. Screw on Nitrogen charge, wait 30 seconds and BAM… you have yourself an instant Basil-infused Watermelon & Cucumber Salad!

Conclusion: Molecular gastronomy has never been easier!




2 responses

10 08 2011
Mitchell Sherratt

Do you think it would be possible to infuse an entire watermelon? My friends and I have a bacon holiday coming up and on top of making bacon whisky I was planning on trying to infuse an entire watermelon with bacon. I was thinking if a hole was cut into the watermelon I could just put the bacon in there, use the infuser to just spray the nitrogen into the watermelon and seal the hole with something. What do you think?

22 08 2011
Brianne Michelle

Hi Mitchell,
I don’t think that will work as they items being infused need to be completely sealed in an airtight container (the iSi Whip or more industrial infuser) but simply spraying the N2O into the watermelon won’t work. You could always make melon balls and infuse those with bacon in the iSi whip than present them in a hallowed out watermelon shell. Also make sure to serve shortly after infusing… the flavors will be strongest then. Good luck!

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